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CRB FAQs - Clients

1. Solutions Social Care Umbrella Body. What does that mean?
Umbrella Bodies are organisations that are Registered Bodies with the CRB.. We act as mediators for other organisations who wish to use the disclosure service but are not registered themselves.

2. What types of Disclosure is used?
There are basic, standard and enhanced disclosures and we use enhanced. This is for posts that involve a far greater degree of contact with vulnerable adults or children. 

3. Why is a Disclosure needed?
It is a way to help protect the vulnerable people in our society by providing a means to identify persons who may harm them.

4. What’s involved in the CRB process?
Once your Disclosure form has been received, a fully qualified consultant will check the form comprehensively together with the enclosed ID documents.**  The checks will include:
  • Checking the applicants documents, making sure all ID supplied are genuine and current
  • Request resubmission if necessary
  • Get Solutions Social Care’s signatory to countersign the document
  • Forward the form onto the bureau and follow up on progress
5. How long does a Disclosure take?
Currently over 90% of Enhanced Disclosures are usually completed within 6 weeks, however this time limit is never guaranteed.

6. What happens to the Disclosure copies?
The applicant’s copy is sent to them at their home address.
The registered body copy is sent to Solutions Social Care, who will be responsible for logging receipt and forwarding to the relevant person in your organization.
Version 3.63